This is about an abandoned house I stumbled upon when I went to live with my dad for few days. For some reasons, I was a lil fascinated with it. And I ended up writing something about it. 

Amongst ruined buildings

and abandoned houses

with pebbles scattered

across the dusty rubbles;

the wilderness

soiled with flowers and weeds 

twined itself with

the broken bricks and cements.

though it lied in ruins

there was an eerie beauty 

surrounding it.

A strip of orange cloth 

as if warding off evil 

peeked amongst the

entwined leaves and branches.

A mixture of rust and algae

adorned the broken walls and roofs

as if carving a painting of its own.

Red kohled eyes

basking in the sun’s rays

fluttered its wings,

as if dusting itself 

before taking, its throne 

nestled in the nature’s lap;

far away from the 

hue and cry 

of smoke filled palaces.

Away from the cemented kingdoms,

I stumbled upon a beautiful palace

hidden in the mist of 

ruins and rubbles,

showered with wild flowers 

and red kohled eyed birds.

I wish this could be 

my humble abode,

in some other time.

If only wishes came true.

– Sanavi©



There is something very fascinating about fingers because rather than faces they tell so much more. People are so busy guarding their faces that they forgot about their hands. His was a lil strong and rough from all the hours spent in playing guitar. A crease here and there, each crease depicting a story of its own. My little fingers with rather unkempt nails traced his creases slowly, joining our palms together with fingers intertwined in each other; we stayed up all night staring some far away glittering objects. I read somewhere that twinkle was a word with crinkled, happy edges. 

#Crinkled, happy pages.


15th May, 17

 #Crinkled, happy pages

Sometimes I feel the need to endanger myself ever so often. I want change and excitement to shoot off in all directions aiming at my life like a bright, colored meteorite. I long for rainbows and sunshines.


A Solution, maybe?

 I am very active on a site called Askfm. Its a Q/A site. So, I was asked a question by a user which I’d like to share with you people. Please let me know your answers through comments.🌸


If only we can see our personality beyond our image in front of the mirror, I believe more people would hate themselves.

My Answer

Well, nobody likes to reminded of their mistakes and sins hidden behind their personality. If looking at mirror, makes them happy. So, why not. After all happiness has never been in abundance in our lives. Happiness is short lived and grief has always been around the corner. I believe accepting yourself the way you are is the first step towards happiness. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. We all have a basket full of mistakes, embarrassments and sins hidden somewhere. But, that is part of our lives. After all, today we are the very outcome of the things that we have committed in the past. I believe in karma. And, there are enough people in world to hate you for who you are. So, why not be the first person to love yourself. Lastly, hate has never been the solution.

P.S: Tell me your answers through comments.



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Do you ever feel as if you are at a constant war with an emotion called happiness?

 Its a pretty conflicted moment of my life that I just can’t seem to have a grasp over it.

 You are full of smiles, laughters and silly jokes but somewhere deep down you are empty.

 There is this hollow feeling as if you are missing out on something. ‘Something’ which doesn’t seem to make sense even to you. 

You think and think; constantly turning the pages of your life; you decide to take a trip down to your memories again, yet you just can’t seem to have a grasp over that ‘something’. 

Ironical, isn’t it? 

That something isn’t love neither its loneliness nor its the lack of adventure in my life or maybe it is in your case.

I haven’t found my ‘something‘ yet, have you found yours?

Make Memories

23 March, 17

Love has always been an overrated feeling that always has the same ending called heartbreak. It has often led me to think that love is weak but the truth is love is not weak. We all have some kinds of weak moments in our lives. Sometimes, we just need to be true to ourselves. Afterall, it does gets tiring of pretending to be someone than who you are. Accept the person you are. Life is too short to spend it over pretending to be someone else. So, quit being afraid of heartbreaks and shortcomings. Fall in love again and again. Forget worrying over some non existent what ifs. Because the longevity of your relationship doesn’t really matter. What matters is the great time that you had together in between love and heartbreak. Afterall, memories last forever.

. The fact that any of it happened at all is what makes life valuable. So, go out !! Make those memories, fall in love, for it is only one life you have and that is all you need.

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​There’s something very special about loneliness. It helps you to connect with yourself and you get a better understanding of your thoughts. It makes you think of all the things that has gone wrong and about every other possibility that could have occurred. 

It’s entirely reasonable to feel lonely yet still feel as though you need some time to yourself.

 Loneliness and I have a special bonding with each other. Unlike people, loneliness doesn’t bother me with things. I have learned to find my chaos in the silence.

Yet somewhere along the lines of my attachment to loneliness, I fear of dying alone. In this limited existence of mine, I’d like to find that one person who will relieve me of this insane attachment of mine. No matter how independent we are, at some point of your lives everyone carves for a companion. A companion who not necessarily has to be a person, your companion might just be your pet or anything that completes you. For instance, for some people music is their life. 

So, find that companion of yours. And once you find it..never let it go. Cherish it.


Beautiful,little thing

​Pain is a beautiful little thing.


A little pain can cause an impact greater than happiness ever can.


Pain makes you think harder about everything that has gone wrong.


Pain has the ability to be embedded forever in our mind, our body, our soul.


Unlike happiness, which comprises of fleeting moments;

Pain remains forever a part of our lives.


Pain, reminds us of not repeating the same mistake twice.


Pain makes us value little things that we should probably treasure the most in our lives.


Pain, a bitter emotion yet a powerful one.


Pain, a beloved memory etched into our minds forever.


A forever little inkling of life called  Pain.